Photography is about capturing a moment and making it stay forever. Photographers extend us the raw and refined picture of what they saw through their lenses. Despite this primary feature certain photography style includes adding elements and creativity to the captured picture to make it more innovative and unique. Composite and Creative photography falls into this genre.

Composite photography

In composite photography coming up with an idea is only the first piece of the riddle. The real work comes into play when it comes time to place said idea in action. A talented composite photographer is much like a developed chess player. They need to be able to see the steps and movements ahead of each other. They need to know how to improve their plans at a moments notice and still end up with an extraordinary outcome. It’s a matter of trial and error. Eventually, the photographers develop a workflow that works for them. That becomes their imaginative procedure. …

Creating something from nature that stays and ends with it is magical. When Earthscape artists make art in the seashore they know that it will be taken back by the waves to oblivion. Yet artists spent time and effort in making expanses incomparably beautiful, selflessly.

Earthscape Art is a dance of patterns in motion. Artists take away the top coverings of sand in long curves, spirals and circles bringing spectacular images to emerge. There is mysterious integrity of being within the pattern that is being made. It feels to have relevance in other aspects of life, of building a larger pattern from the inside, not fully knowing what is occurring. …

Photographs are not only to capture the moments and to reminisce the memories to be cherished but also to create a huge impact in the marketing structure of an organization. Product, advertising and commercial photography are an inevitable factor of presenting the output of any organization in an attractive and marketable way.

Although we are not very conscious, we live in advertising-surrounded atmospheres all day long. Television, billboards, magazines, newspapers, and even product packs. Commercial photographers are also aware of this and aim to create efficient photographs that will attract consumers' attention by getting rid of other ads.

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The major attraction came up with commercial photography are the dynamism, capacity of adaptation and flexibility, besides the high level of photography techniques that the advertisement job requets.Commercial photographs always portray a briefing, a layout or rough pattern. Photographers try to understand those and also study the commercial profile of the client. Then they study the way to do the job, lights, angles etc, to do the best This style of photography needs to create the right appeal for people to buy the advertised product. It needs beauty, quality, reliability and so on. …

Hyper-realistic murals are paintings or sculptures parallelling with the high-resolution photographs. Earlier this art has not succeeded in attaining as a unique position in the institutionalized contemporary art.In the beginning of hyperrealistic murals group of youngsters started signing and competing between them to achieve beautiful calligraphy and make signatures more attractive using colourful fillings.

It wasn’t until some years later that it started to be regarded as something artistic and countercultural since its creators didn’t regard it as an artistic indication at first. Hyper-realistic murals have been evolving into something bigger and better because of that constant need of the human being to go beyond. …

Photography shows us the unseen. The moments we might have missed, the unnoticed corner of the universe and the heights and depths we haven’t reached before. How the land looks from the sky and what happens in the core of an ocean is always a mystery for us. This mystery is unravelled by Aerial and Marine photography.

Aerial Photography

The aerial photographs are said to draw a frequent comparison with abstract paintings, and looking at them gives us the reason. …

Extending the lines drawn and breaking the stereotypical ways always creates a shake in the making of its respective territory. When something is invented different from what it was before people generally take it with astonishment and disagreement. In the world of art such rebellious movements have shaken the outlook of the art then and now.

Lowbrow art

Lowbrow art also known as Pop Surrealism is an art where anything seems possible. The term lowbrow itself means “not highly intellectual or cultured”. This emotive artwork engages our imagination and hauls our artistic wanderings.

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The lowbrow expression is vast, as if it exists in a mid-way between a conscious and unconscious state, perhaps undergoing a transitional experience. It is tricky but also specified. There barely exists a conscious positioning in surrealism. Artists want admirers to be there with a sense of emotional movement. …

Unlike art, photographs generally convey a universal meaning for the spectators. Photographs might possess different stories behind, but the statement it conveys reach every observer in a particularly outlined form. Abstract photography contradicts the clear vision expressing characteristic of photographs and makes us think about in a varied perspective. It lays a connection between art and photography peculiarly.

Diverse to any other visible image, the abstract photograph is not a rendering, a fabrication or an interpretation of its content, but a trace of it. It naturally belongs to its subject in the way like art. …

Every conclusion we make are based on perspectives. We judge what seems to be straight based on our thought process. But in art, everything has a single way, which is the “art way”.Our evaluations in real-life scenarios and the norms we have built by ourselves don’t fit in the art. Even though certain art forms are highly criticized from the day of its invention and continued to be because of the standards we have created.

Body artists

A body artist brings everything from wild animals to fantasy worlds to life in their compositions as they tremendously blend with astonishingly painted bodies. …

When the pandemic whacked worldwide and the sources was traced back to China, the debates and discussion were about the food routines of Chinese. We know the kind of food and the unique cultures followed by countries through different mediums, prominently photographs. In the previous blog, the impact of photography on taking cultural knowledge around was covered and here the part of the thought encompasses how it is accomplished.

Cultural photography implies shooting subjects that happen to come into the focus of photographers rather than setting up shots. It is about a quick moment captured that can’t be repeated, and usually, that’s because of civilization. Most of the time photographers try to preserve something special and when anyone who looks at the photograph in the future to be able to see. Cultural photographers are more interested in recording details in an unusual framing. …

Art cannot be simply characterized as a painting or a structure. It has several forms, it conveys immense meaning and each art form is unique from one another. The way it is created and modified is different. The way it impacts us is different. Minimalism and Maximalism are two art forms that contradict in the way it is created but interconnected amidst the differences.


At expression, minimalist art seems extremely barren of feeling and its definition. It is generally a square or circle or certain shapes that look empty at a glance. But the artists firmly points out that minimalist art is greater than its appearance.They …



Life is all about feeling connected.And connection roots from hearing the world and letting it hear urs!

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